Posted on: 17 July

Chip your way to success – Keep things simple around the greens to improve your scoring.

If you are serious about shooting lower scores and reducing your handicap then read on!

Nothing could be more frustrating on the golf course than when you are hitting the ball great off the tee, your iron shots are going pretty well but every time you miss a green your chipping lets you down. We ALL miss greens. But good chipping can turn your round into a memorable one by keeping your scoring on track.

The dreaded flub chip, or the one that you thin across to the other side of the green can be avoided if you make chipping a priority in your practice regime.

Once you learn to chip you can unlock scores you never thought possible.
There are many individual nuances that go along with chipping. Many drills and swing techniques that can help you become a better chipper. These can take time to develop and I am happy to help you with those.

In the meantime, below are 3 basics to chipping that will help you become more consistent around the greens:

⦁ Keep it simple – Some may say you need to incorporate a variety of clubs to deal with all the situations you are faced with around the green. I disagree. I believe you need to have a “go-to” club that you can rely on for most of the shots you are faced with. A club you feel comfortable and confident with. Once you have mastered one club and become confident with that club you will be amazed by how much more relaxed you will feel when you miss a green. Once one club is mastered then you can introduce a variety of clubs for chipping. I suggest starting with a mid-wedge (54 degree for example). Don’t always take the easy way out by using an 8 iron bump and run shot as you will never develop the touch and feel required for a variety of chip shots.

⦁ Make sure you get your ball on the green – I know it seems an obvious thing to say but getting the ball on the green is the number one objective. As Clint Eastwood famously said in his Dirty Harry movies “a man’s gotta know his limitations”. How many times have you tried to play that perfect chip on a really tough shot? Then, you leave it short or long and have another chip shot that is far tougher than the first. Avoid compounding your mistakes by getting the first chip on the green…anywhere on the green! Even if you can’t get it close, having a long putt is a far easier option than having to calm your nerves (and temper) and then trying to hit another chip shot. Minimize the damage.

⦁ Know your ball position – A consistent ball position will make it easier for you to make consistent contact with every chip. This leads to you having better control of your shots and will help you to improve your distance control.

When you are next on the practice chipping green try this:
Set up to the ball and hit a series of small chip shots with your eyes closed. Take note of the ball position that seems easiest to hit the ball. You may have to move the ball a little forward or a little backwards to find a ball position that allows you to make consistent contact. This is the “low point” of your chipping action; it will be slightly different for everyone. Once you have worked out the best ball position for you, set up to every chip shot with this same ball position. I guarantee this will lead to more consistent chipping.

Chip shots are the money shots. Improve these and you’ll be taking money off your friends in no time.

Book a lesson at and gain an understanding of your wedges and combined with practice, your short game will improve in the months ahead.

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