Posted on: 29 January


Golfers love to give unsolicited advice to each other. 

Perhaps your coach/teacher gave you a tip that worked for you so you figure it must work for your mate too.

Then there are YouTube videos, Facebook videos, and Instagram videos; all promising the secret to the perfect swing. But they don’t know how tall you are. How strong you are. How flexible you are. 

Golfers often believe that tips from a mate will be the magic secret to hitting consistently good shots and lowering scores. But the simple answer is you are probably listening to bad (all be it well-intentioned) advice because it’s not specific to you and your game. Remember, a good swing doesn’t need to look pretty, nor do you need to get into the “perfect” positions. Own your own swing.

A good swing needs to be repeatable and use the middle of the club. Impact is the most important aspect of the swing. Generally, the impact is affected by one or a blend of these four factors:

  • Clubface direction at impact.
    • Swing path through impact.
    • Angle of attack at impact.
    • Centredness of strike at impact.

For example: a clubface that is open to the swing path (not the target) will cause a push or a slice; a topped shot will be caused by a poor angle of attack. 

Often the solution to these soul-destroying shots that ruin a nice walk on the golf course can be remedied by a simple grip change or posture adjustment. Just because your swing isn’t picture perfect doesn’t mean you have to hide with embarrassment…….. and it certainly doesn’t mean you will necessarily hit poor shots. Some minor refinements that are specifically suited to you (not your mate, and not the bloke on YouTube) is probably all that is needed.

Stop trying to attain the unattainable. There is no such thing as a perfect swing. But there is a perfect swing for you. Know your own swing. Love your own swing. You will start hitting the centre of the club more often.

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