Posted on: 29 February

Below are 25 questions relating to golf, golfers, and the history of the sport. Test yourself against your mates. If you can get 20 out of 25 then you are very much a student of the game. If you get 25 out 25 then can be crowned the Rainman of Golfing Trivia – and you probably need to get out more!

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1. Before the use of tees it was common for golfers to use a small pile of sand? True/False
2. Golf is the only sport to have ever been played on the moon? True/False
3. 80% of golfers will never play to a handicap of less than 18? True/False
4. Which country has the most golf courses per capita in the World? 
5. Prior to 2016, when was the last time golf was in the Olympics
6. How old was Tiger Woods when he got his first hole in one? 
7. Who has the most PGA Tour wins without ever winning a major? 
8. Who has the most PGA Tour wins in a single season? 
9. How many golfers have won at least 10 majors in their career?
10. Who was the first golfer to reach No.1 in the Official World Golf Ranking in 1986? 
11. Who is the only golfer to have won each of the four major professional championships at least three times? 
12. Lydia Ko has won two Olympic medals in golf, but what colours are they? 
13. The 2032 Olympics will host golf at which Brisbane-based golf club? 
14. Which popular actor has a contract clause to play golf twice a week whenever he films movies? 
15. William Taylor, an English engineer and manufacturer registered a patent for what in 1905? 
16. Who was the first and the only known person to have played golf on the moon? 
17. Two professional golfers appeared in the 1996 golf film ‘Happy Gilmore’. One of them is Mark Lye, name the other one
18. Who won the U.S. Open in 2017 and 2018, and the PGA Championship in 2018 and 2019, becoming the first golfer in history to hold back-to-back titles in two majors simultaneously
19. Which golf legend has won The Masters the most times? 
20. Which golfer became the first Englishman to win the Masters
21. At the age of 71 years and 261 days, who became the oldest player to make the cut on any major professional tour? 
22. Who is the only tour rookie to win a PGA major? 
23. In 1993 Bernard Langer won the Masters. What was so unique about his win?
24. Who holds the record for the most cuts made in a single season on the Australasian Golf Tour? 
25. Who is the only golfer to have won all NZGA titles (under 18, under 21, under 23, Amateur, Open)? 


1. True.
2. False. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell threw a javelin.
3. True.
4. Scotland.
5. Golf featured at the 1900 and 1904 Olympics however it was withdrawn from the 1908 Olympics.
6. 6 years old.
7. Harry Cooper, 31 wins.
8. Byron Nelson won 18 times.
9. Jack Nicklaus (18), Tiger Woods (15), Walter Hagen (11).
10. Bernhard Langer.
11. Jack Nicklaus.
12. Silver and Bronze.
13. Royal Queensland.
14. Samuel L Jackson.
15. A dimple-designed golf ball.
16. NASA astronaut Alan Shepard.
17. Lee Trevino.
18. Brooks Koepka.
19. Jack Nicklaus.
20. Sir Nick Faldo.
21. Bob Charles.
22. John Daly (in 1991).
23. Bernhard Langer was the last player to win a Major using a wooden-headed driver.
24. Michael Long – 18 cuts.
25. Michael Long.

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