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So the big question that everyone seems to be talking about is – how long should it take to play 18 holes of golf?

Many factors contribute to pace of play such as how many golfers are on the course at the time, the skill level of the golfers in the group, the length between each hole, whether you are walking or riding (and riding the cart efficiently), the difficulty of the course and weather conditions.

For Wembley Golf Course, we are arguably one of the busiest public golf facilities in the Southern Hemisphere – now that is a feat! 

For an average round of 18 holes with four players all walking on a weekend, could take up to 4 hours and 30 minutes. Now, can I ask you a question – why do we want to play golf as quickly as possibly with our skates on? We should all take a moment to enjoy the outdoors, exercise and enjoy an uninterrupted few hours with friends and a drink afterwards.

How can you speed up the pace of play? We have compiled some tips below to assist you on the golf course for speeding up your round.

  • Play ready golf – you don’t need to always play the traditional format of the player farthest from the hole play first. Whoever is ready to go, let them hit. Of course, you should advise your playing partners on the 1st tee if you are happy to play in this way. This can save up to 25 minutes per round.
  • Riding in a cart – I know we all want to see our friend hit their shot in the comfort of the golf cart seat, but this takes additional time. Drop the player off to their ball and then proceed to go to your ball.
  • Stopping at the turn – ensure that you are keeping up with the group in front and not stopping for a long period of time at the turn. Sure, go and grab a sandwich or drink from the kiosk but try and do this quickly.
  • Play at times which suit your level of golf – if you are a beginner to the game (we have all been there), play in some of the quieter periods rather than in the middle of a busy Saturday or Sunday morning or change up your social game to suit your ability (we don’t mind a foot wedge every now and then). This of course should be discussed with your playing partners on the 1st tee and not suitable during competitions where unfortunately we have to follow the rules of golf.
  • Adhere to our new three tee system and play from the recommended colour for your average 18 hole score.

Happy Golfing!