Posted on: 30 January

3 Simple New Year Resolutions to Lower your Golf Score

It’s 2023! Your golf year in 2022 may have been good, bad or indifferent but now it’s time to set some new goals and challenge yourself to become a better golfer. Here are three simple “New Year Resolutions” that you might want to adopt to help start your 2023 golfing year with purpose. By the end of the year you’ll be shooting lower scores.

1 – Practice your putting more

All golfers 3 putt. It’s inevitable. Generally the higher the handicap the more you will three putt. For example, a 20-handicap player is likely to three putt every 8 holes whereas a 0-handicap player is likely to 3 putt every 40 holes. So this year make it a goal to visit the practice putting green. Improving your putting may not require a huge technical overhaul, rather some simple drills and some practice. 

2 – Make the game simpler

Lowering your score may be as simple as approaching each shot on the golf course with a different mindset. Keep it simple. Try all of these tips or just one:

a. Keep it on the grass – On par 5’s and par 4’s don’talways grab the driver on the tee. Keeping the ball in play by using a 3 wood or an iron can avoid hitting the ball in the trees (the rough is fine) and avoiding a disaster.

b. Keep it close to the green – Where possible, use your favourite iron on a par 3. You may be slightly short or long but at least you will be somewhere close to the green and you’ll have a great chance of making a par. And learning to grip down when using your favourite club to hit it shorter is a skill that can be taught.

c. Texas Wedge – Learn to use your putter from off the green. It’s a simple shot and can save you a lot of heartache.

d. Loft – In the rough use more loft than you think for better contact and control.  

3 – Have Fun and Keep Cool

The simplest thing we can do in golf is enjoy the challenge of golf. Golf challenges both the mind and the body but despite the frustrations we all know there is nothing like spending a few hours on the range or the golf course. We all have hopes and expectations and playing well is a great feeling. But when things aren’t going so well don’t forget to leave the bad shots behind; the next shot may well be the best shot you have ever hit. It’s a game……….. so have fun!!!

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