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A large amount of time during practice with a player or giving golf
Instruction is spent on the mechanics of a player’s swing. While this is a crucial part of the puzzle , ensuring the player has good strategy can help that player save strokes on the golf course and capitalise on their good swing . 

We also need to understand the game of golf as well in a realistic manner – no matter how good we get at the game our shot pattern will always be subject to ‘misses ‘ . (A PGA tour player will typically ‘miss’ the hole by 6 metres on a 100 metre shot ).

Although we strive to make our ‘misses’ smaller and less frequent , most players I teach can immediately improve their score by asking themselves some key questions ;

* Do I have the ability to Aim where I intend to aim?
* Should I be aiming at my target? (wind, slope , shot bias) can affect these.
* Does my aim increase my chances of making the best score possible ?

The answers to these questions can be considered before each round and also each shot and the process and strategy is something that can be also worked on at the driving range.

The picture below is from a student’s  Trackman session during a lesson – we can see how a player can understand more about their individual tendencies both in terms of how far they hit the ball , as well as which way they tend to ‘miss’ with certain clubs.

student’s  Trackman session during a lesson

By understanding more about your individual golf game you are better equipped to make informed decisions on the course… which in turn will decrease scores and increase enjoyment.

We can get to the technical changes next time!

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