Posted on: 27 February

Coring has been booked for the 2nd March 2021 for the Old course and the 19th April for the Tuart course. 

The Old Course 1-9 will be closed until 2pm on the Tuesday 2nd March and 10-18 Old Course Wednesday 3rd March until 2pm.

Coring of the Tuart Course will begin on Monday 19th April 2021 with holes 1-9 closed until 2pm and 10-18 closed on Tuesday the 20th April 2021 until 2pm.

All timesheets have been adjusted to reflect these changes and renovations fees will be applicable for 2 weeks. Darren and the WGC greens keeping team will hollow tyne and core the greens removing thatch and organic matter. Heavy topdressing of sand to fill the core holes to improve drainage for the winter months ahead, they will then deep solid tyne to 500mm to break up the hard pan below to promote deep root growth and further improve drainage.

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