Courtney Martin

“Marketing and Events Coordinator and provisional PGA Member at Wembley Golf Course. I have worked at WGC for 2 years and have previous experience working in private golf course throughout NSW. I have a passion for the golf industry and growing the Wembley Golf Course community. Always happy to have a chat!”

Mark Patriarca

“Golf Shop supervisor at Wembley Golf Course. I have extensive knowledge in all things golf including fitting, coaching, Trackman and equipment! I offer lessons to all levels of players from beginners to Tour players. I pride myself on delivering results through the use of modern day coaching practice.”

David Moore

Robert Mitchell

“I turned Professional in 1994 and have over 25 years experience in the Golf Industry. I played on tour and caddied in Europe and the US for 5 years. During this time, I researched and witnessed some of the world’s best golf coaches. Come and see me for a lesson!”

Simon Smith

Henry Burdeaux

“Currently your Puma/Cobra Ambassador for Wembley Golf Course. I play off a handicap of 6 and always happy to have a game with anyone”

Ben Percival

Stephen Dark

“I’m a first year PGA Trainee Professional. I have been playing golf for the last 4 years and I’m always striving for new ways to improve my golf and the golf of others. I have an incredible passion for the golf industry and am always open to helping you improve. Talk to me next time you’re in!”