Wembley Golf Course operates under an Environmental Management System policy (EMS). Using specialist E-Par software Wembley Golf Course is independently audited annually to ensure compliance.

The EMS covers a number of key areas:

  • Flora and Fauna
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Waste Management

The following are some of the specialist EMS programmes introduced:

  • Annual infrared aerial photography of the course to assess the vigour of the tree species. Dr Paul Barber from Arbon Carbor works with the golf course to analyse the health of the tree population, in particular the Tuarts, Jarrah and Banksias. Those trees identified as under stress are treated as required with fertilisers and/or fungicide.
  • Regular leaf and tissue testing at selected fairway and green locations. This includes the use of a lysimeter to measure the level of nutrient run off at different depths of the soil profile.
  • Annual tree planting in areas identified for regeneration as part of the golf courses bush management plan.
  • Construction of a lake adjacent to the 5th green Tuart Course. This takes the runoff from the Ocean Mia estate. Some of this water is then used for irrigation of landscaping in Ocean Mia.
  • Car park runoff is harvested into the main irrigation lake.
  • Rainwater tanks are used to harvest water from the roofs of the Swing Driving Range, Golf Shop and buggy shed.

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